So, for those who don’t know who Riley Mae is, Riley Mae Lewis was born July 9, 2003, is an American social media influencer and model who rose to fame when some of her videos got viral on┬áthe video sharing app TikTok. With her bubbly personality and cute girl-next-door looks, Riley has built an online following of over 1.4 million fans across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans & became one of the fastest growing Social Media personalities in States.

Riley Mae Lewis Wiki

Riley Mae Lewis is a 20-year-old social media personality, model and influencer originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She first gained popularity on TikTok in 2019 by posting fun lip-sync and dance videos which got viral. Riley then expanded her audience to other Social platforms like Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans where she shares lifestyle, beauty and some exclusive content on OF.

Riley Mae Lewis Biography & Facts

Riley grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and showed an early passion for performing. After graduating high school in 2019, she decided to pursue social media influencing and modeling full-time. Her career took off rapidly on TikTok before expanding to OnlyFans, Instagram and YouTube.

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NameRiley Mae Lewis
ProfessionYoutuber, TikTok Influencer & Content Creator
Date Of Birth9 July 2023
Zodiac SignCancer
CountryThe United States Of America
Insta Followers663k (as of 2023)
Relationship StatusSingle

Riley Mae Lewis on OnlyFans 

In 2021, Riley joined OnlyFans to offer Exclusive images and content to her fans. While not fully explicit, her OnlyFans features Riley in Revealing outfits and lingerie. She also interacts with fans directly through messages and requests. Riley maintains that she only shares as much as she is comfortable with on OnlyFans and in no time she became one of the fastest growing creatures on Exclusive Content Sharing Platform.

Professional Life

Aside from social media, Riley has partnered with various brands for sponsorships and modeling gigs. She’s worked with companies like Icon Swim and Bang Energy drinks. Riley has also made appearances at high-profile events like album releases and celebrity parties where she got clicked by paparazzi which further increased the buzz around her on social media Platforms.

Riley Mae Lewis Relationship

In her personal life, Riley previously dated fellow social media star Anthony Reeves in 2019 before they amicably split. She also briefly dated TikTok creator Josh Richards in 2021. As of now, Riley appears to be single and focused on her career, she even mentioned this in one of her videos.

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Viral Moments Some of Riley’s most viral TikTok hits include:

“M to the B” challenge500k+ likes
“WAP” dance video10+ million views

Her beauty and charm have even earned her celebrity fans like Snoop Dogg.

Riley Mae Lewis News & Controversies 

Riley also made headlines in 2021 when TikTok banned her from live streaming for violating their minor safety policies. However, Riley’s Account was reinstated shortly after.

Public Image Riley Mae Lewis is considered one of the top rising social media stars today with her fanbase continuing to grow rapidly across platforms. She’s gained a reputation for her bubbly, fun-loving personality along with her cute girl-next-door aura that appeals to male and female fans alike.

While some have criticized the provocative nature of her OnlyFans account, Riley maintains that she shows only as much as she is comfortable with. She aims to spread positivity through these platforms and sets a goal of inspiring other young women to be confident in themselves. She even spread Good messages about Body Positivity in many of her videos.

Riley Mae Lewis on Instagram 

Riley has over 773k Instagram followers where she often posts cute and fashionable photos. Fans can get a glimpse into her personal life including collaborations with brands she partners with. Riley also shares cheeky bikini pics along with using Instagram stories to engage with her audience which ultimately got her viral in early days of her career.

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Instagram633k (as of 2023)
Riley Mae Pic

Riley Mae Lewis Height

Riley Mae Lewis stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall with a slim, petite frame.

Riley Mae Lewis Net Worth

Riley has an estimated net worth of $300,000 as of 2023 mainly through sponsorships, OnlyFans subscriptions and YouTube monetization. Her net worth continues to grow as her audience across platforms expands.

YearEstimated Net Worth
Net Worth

Overall, Riley Mae Lewis has carved out a prominent space in the social media influencer world through her beautiful Persona & Social Media Presence. She continues to engage her growing fanbase across platforms as she expands her Personal Brand. Her Onlyfans Account is growing like crazy in past few years. If you’re a true fan of Riley Mae Lewis then you can follow her on social media platforms to get all latest updates about her.

Frequently Asked Questions About Riley Mae Lewis

Riley Mae Lewis YouTube Channel

On YouTube, Riley shares vlogs, beauty tips, Q&As and more with her 195k subscribers. Fans get to see more of her personality on her YouTube channel through candid videos.

Riley Mae Lewis Feet Popularity

Riley’s cute petite feet and occasional foot content have also attracted some fans and attention. While she doesn’t post explicit foot fetish content, some of Riley’s Instagram pics feature her feet in bikinis or other revealing outfits.

Riley Mae Lewis Topless Content News & Controversy

While Riley does not post fully nude or topless content on her OnlyFans, she has shared some revealing images in bikinis and partially topless looks covered by her hands or strategic angling. Her content focuses more on being playful and teasing rather than fully exposing herself. But still this is one of the most searched query about her on Google.


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