Recently there is one name that is trending like crazy on social media & internet & that is Brianna Coppage. Brianna is a 28-year-old American woman who received significant media attention when she resigned from her teaching position after administrators learned she had an OnlyFans account. The former middle school English teacher has gone on to earn nearly $1 million creating adult content online and sharing this On her Social Media Platform.

In this Article we are going to share everything about Brianna Coppage from her Early Life, Career, Onlyfans, Family Information and much more. Keep reading this article for all the information about Brianna Coppage.

brianna coppage

Early Life and Education

Born in 1995 in Missouri, Brianna Coppage developed an interest in education early on. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from a local university. Eager to advance her career in teaching, Coppage continued her studies obtaining both a master’s degree and specialist degree in education.

Teaching Career

Coppage worked as a middle school English teacher in her hometown of St. Clair, Missouri. Located about an hour outside of St. Louis, St. Clair is a small rural town with a population of less than 5,000 residents in her city.

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Brianna taught at St. Clair High School and earned an annual salary of $42,000. By all accounts, she was a dedicated and caring teacher who hoped to positively impact her students’ lives, but everything changed when she was not able to meet her daily expenses and EMI of her Education Lane. This made her start a Side Hustle to earn some quick bucks and she finds Onlyfans as an lucrative side Hustle.

Real NameBrianna Coppage
Current HomeSt. Clair, Missouri
EducationBachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist Degrees in Education
Former OccupationMiddle School English Teacher
Current OccupationOnlyFans Model

Brianna Coppage OnlyFans Career 

In 2021, Coppage created an OnlyFans account under the name Brooklin Love. Her initial goal was to earn extra income to pay off lingering student loan debt. However, the petite blonde soon realized her sexy photos and videos could generate way more than what was sufficient for Paying Students debts significant earnings.

Within a year, Coppage was making over $10,000 per month on OnlyFans. Her new side hustle allowed her to pay off debt and afford luxuries that her teaching salary could not provide which made her Even more dedicated to this profession.


Resignation from Teaching

In September 2022, two school administrators called Coppage into a meeting after receiving reports about her OnlyFans account. Although she conducted herself professionally, the administration placed her on leave. Rather than return to teaching, Brianna chose to resign and pursue OnlyFans modeling full-time as she knows that she is going to get treated differently when she will come back to her Teaching role as the news of her Onlyfans spread like a Wildfire.

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While some community members expressed disapproval, many others supported Coppage’s right to earn additional income on her own time to support her bills. Parents knew her as a caring teacher who kept her personal life separate from her work, but everything changed after this Only Fans fiasco.

Earning Nearly $1 Million on OnlyFans

Since leaving her teaching career, Coppage has earned close to $1 million selling adult content online. She expresses no regrets over her choice and believes OnlyFans provided her family financial security she could not achieve as an educator.

Brianna Coppage Husband & Personal Information 

Relationship StatusMarried
Husband’s NamePhillip Coppage
Height5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight120 lbs (54 kg)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel

Coppage still lives in St. Clair with her husband and two children. While some locals judge her new career, many others understand her decision to prioritize her family’s financial future. The former teacher stands by her choices and advocates for destigmatizing Onlyfans Models. She argues that OnlyFans allows her to fully support her family without relying on a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Potential Return to Teaching

Although she is currently focused on OnlyFans, According to her recent interview, Coppage has not ruled out returning to her teaching career someday. She still values education and making a positive difference in students’ lives.

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For now, modeling online gives Coppage flexibility and income she never dreamed possible as a small-town teacher. Her career graph looks like something described in table below. 

2021Created OnlyFans account
2021 – 2022Earned over $10k per month on OnlyFans
September 2022Resigned from teaching job.
September 2022 – PresentEarned nearly $1 million on OnlyFans
FutureMay return to teaching career

At just 28 years old, Brianna Coppage has already made major career changes and taken controversial steps to support her family. Her recent controversy & her decision of choosing her Onlyfans career over her career as teacher made everyone question the changing situation of the modern world. While on Brianna part she did the thing what was best for her but if you look at society as a whole, the rise of Onlyfans and young women joining it in big numbers questioned the Future of Society.

We hope that this article helped you to find out more about your favorite Onlyfans Model Brianna Coppage, her wiki, height, husband, children’s, career, Onlyfans names & more. Keep visiting Sociofyy Wiki for more wiki biographies like this.


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